William C. Haworth
Senior Advisor

Mr. Haworth is a consultant based in Northern California. He focuses on strategic issues related to the global economy and local financial institution development in emerging markets. He remains intensively involved in the financial sector strategy formulation for International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group. He has worked in many of IFC’s largest client countries including: China, India, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey. He led IFC’s Global FinTech Strategy in 2017 and continues to work on IFC’s Joint Capital Markets Development Project. Mr. Haworth joined IFC in 2003 as a Chief Credit Officer, Financial Sector and Funds, and between August 2005 and 2007 managed IFC’s financial markets portfolio in Asia. He was chief strategist from 2008 until 2017, when he retired.

Prior to Joining IFC, Mr. Haworth was a partner in several major consulting firms dealing with financial sector development, institutional restructuring, and privatization. He has worked globally on institutional reform and performance improvement in commercial banking, capital markets, and central banking, and has extensive performance improvement experience managing large projects implementing operational improvements, technology, risk management and pricing, organization change, and cost reduction. He has worked in over 40 countries and has personally conducted work on the ground in over 25 banks in over 18 countries with personal experience working in financial crisis resolution in Mexico, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Korea, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand. He is highly experienced in working at the Board level and has served on Boards for IFC.

Prior to consulting, Mr. Haworth was a commercial banker with Citigroup and Chemical Bank in New York and internationally. He was a lending officer, a risk asset reviewer, and has extensive credit experience. His background includes 12 years as a practicing credit officer, with the IFC, Chemical Bank, in New York, and with Citibank, in Saudi Arabia and the US; as well as 16 years of financial sector consulting experience with leading firms including: Booz Allen, Barents Group, KPMG, and A.T. Kearney/EDS. He was CEO of Barents Group in Washington, D.C. – a 600-person consulting firm with offices in 40 countries -- until the group was merged into KPMG Consulting in 2000. He has lived in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Turkey and the United States.

Mr. Haworth is a certified Financial Risk Manager through the Global Association of Risk Professionals, and has a FinTech Certificate from MIT and MBA from University of California at Berkeley.